We provide comprehensive information about Air Quality and Weather globally. This includes Air Quality Index, Air Pollution level, Historical Air Quality information, Historical Weather information and other related details.

The information can be helpful for individuals who are looking to know environmental details for their area. Or businesses who are looking to make their daily operations environmentally friendly, it can help.

Further alerts can be set to get automatic notifications whenever there are significant changes in the Air pollution level in certain location.

AQScanner compiles data from existing monitoring centers in your area, does required processing and calculations to provide information about level of air quality, air pollution and weather details. We use sophisticated algorithm which is based on following USA version of AQI Calculation Procedure.

We have processes in place to include new data sources, keep correcting the existing data and improve the accuracy. We really appreciate input from the members of the public to correct the information or to send new data sources. Please contact us using this link to report about a problem about a specific location, suggest the required corrections or to send new data sources.

We use sophisticated algorithms to calculate Air Quality Index and this is provided for representative purposes and is close to accurate for most cases. However if there are errors in public data sets, it could be the reason for inaccuracies in AQI. We do not take any responsibility for any loss as a result of relying on this information. You should do independent verifications.

We rely on public datasets provided by monitoring centers globally, if the public dataset is not available in your location/city then that could be the reason why AQI is not available for that location.

Additional Services

Yes, if the services available on this website are not suitable then we are open to provide custom services. Any interested customer may Contact Us.

We are a technology company and our team is experienced in application of data engineering and data science in a variety of datasets. So we are open to discuss any custom required services or business partnerships.

Charges and Payments

We do not charge for services available on public side of our website including browsing and finding all information under all categories. We only charge minimal fee for optional advanced and specialist reports used for commercial purposes.

This excludes any custom services which any customer may need. If any such services are agreed with potential customers then the charges will be discussed and agreed on case by case base.